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Is Efe Oladele Doomfists Creator?

By Ashe Youngs – On 02/21/2017 Overwatch dropped some lore on a new character in the Overwatch universe. Written as an interview by Atlas News, Efe Oladele is an 11 year old child prodigy who has a gift for robotics, artificial intelligence, drones and engineering. She states that she wants to “…create things that make our lives better. And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe…”

Efe lives in Numbani and would have been around 5 years old when the conflict happened there. Numbani is a modern city which is a haven for Humans and Omnics living in harmony, unlike Kings Row where the class divides Omnics and Humans. The article shows that Efe has been given a grant by The Adawe Foundation who’s name can be seen around the Numbani map on street signs, and her parents must be of high means to help fund her passion for robotics.

Terry Crews has been to the Overwatch studios, he is a fan of the game and has said he would love to voice Doomfist, a character teased as being a future playable character and references given in abundance in the game and in the animated shorts. So this new teaser begs the question, is she involved with Doomfist?

Theory 1: Efe is an upcoming playable character.

Efe is 11 years old, and with the games PG/Teen rating it is highly unlikely that she herself will be on the battlefield. I mean can you imagine Pharah rocketing a child off the map, Soldier 76 mercilessly firing helix rockets at her face or Symettra chasing her around a map melting her? No, but what could be possible is that she sends out a robot, A.I or drones out to fight the good fight while she stays at base controlling them.

Theory 2: Efe is working for Talon.

Efe says in her interview that she is going to be flying somewhere and she is very excited about it. Possibly she is taking her drones with her for a showcase or to work with Overwatch. In the PTR on the Numbani map, Doomfists fist is on the payload and the glass is now smashed. Could Efe be captured by Talon and forced to use her drones to apprehend the weapon? Or could her family be part of Talon? An animated short show Widowmaker and Reaper trying to capture the weapon in the Museum, so maybe this is their second attempt. It may appear in a new short which would mean that Doomfist is working for the bad guys.

Theory 3: Efe is building Doomfist The Sucessor.

If you take a close look at the posters of Doomfist in Numbani, The last picture of Doomfist is a silhouette. It is thought that this incarnation will be our future playable character. From the way he looks he could be Omnic, or a hybrid like Genji. Efe stated that she wanted to create something to protect people. Perhaps she is building Doomfist or has already made him. Then is it possible that the 2 characters will be combined in gameplay? Will an 11 year old girl be controlling Doomfist?

Theory 4: Efe is building an A.I but it goes horribly wrong.

This may be a subtle hint, but Efe says in her interview that “…Robots can be messy, you know”. Could she have built an A.I to protect the people, but creates a chaotic character? It could be that the A.I may be a reincarnation of the Doomfists past, the Savior and the Scourge. Possibly with a conscious internal conflict of which path to follow, or a fault in programming that causes this to be sporadic.

What do you guys think and what would you like to see evolve from this character?

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