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H1Z1: King of the Kill Review

By Ryan Holmes – So for those of you who have played H1Z1 might instantly think ‘Well this is going to be shit!’ But I say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Introducing H1Z1: King of the Kill! This isn’t a zombie game before you start bitching saying “there are too many zombie games!” Sorry to burst your bubble but there’s never enough ways to kill a zombie!

Now if you like your FPS games beware this isn’t your normal FPS, it’s a sandbox last man standing,… LITERALLY! So I’ll start you with the basic rundown so you know what you’re letting yourself in for!

150 people in one server all at once, getting airdropped into random parts of the map, with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing and all of your teeth still intact…. for now. As you run around the map wondering where everyone is, where the hell can I find a gun, and who the hell is shooting already! You will come across empty buildings (or so you hope anyway) where you will either find guns, grenades, clothes, helmet, med packs and so on.

While you’re heavily engrossed on finding ammo and random pieces of fabric located in some very odd places, you are being forced into an area of the map which I like to call the GROD (Green Ring of Death) by a strange looking mist that can only be described as someone animating what they think a fart looks like! While you are running for your life from this gas, it’s actually pushing you to where other players are going to be heading, well how do you think the round will end!

Meanwhile, most players by the point of getting down to 130 people remaining in the game already have cars, ammo, backpacks and enough to probably kill you from the other side of the map if they wanted to. Now with cars, they are like gold dust so I would highly recommend getting one when you see one you can actually drive! 9 times out of 10 it’s a cop car, and then you get the occasional jeep which I’m still trying to figure out where the hell you get those from!

Moving slowly away from the main game into the training session, which is where I will say is horrific to sum it up! You are chucked in the training quicker than you would a normal game where respawning is enabled. If you think your gonna get better by doing training, you will be horrified to know it won’t make you better, more like despise the game! You are airdropped in…. again, to random locations each time you die but there’s a twist, trying to find a weapon is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! By the time you’re in a game, people who have been in there longer have probably driven around every inch of the map and found decent weapons along with all the ammo they could possibly want. To which you are left there doing what Minecraft does best, punching the bejesus out of everything in order to get somewhere. Don’t even think about looking for a car because they are just as bad as the guns!

Ryan’s useful tips!

So my advice to you when you play this game would be as follows:

1. Try and play as a team, you’ll have more chance of winning, and it’s a lot more fun.

2. People hide in closed tree areas, or cities if they can. So if you’re looking for someone to kill, there’s your chance!

3. Conserve ammo, unless you’re favouring the knife or bat in which case knock yourself out but I would advice knocking your opponent out first.

4. If you manage to get a car, load up your inventory and keep the keys, fuel and anything else to do with the car on you! Stop’s people GTA’n it!

So to round up this review, I like the game, but I wouldn’t play this one without a team behind me and people are brutal on this. If you enjoy a challenge then this game is for you. There are some bugs that can really do with ironing out, and your wait time is nuts before you enter a game. But I think they’ve done well, and the game is very popular at the moment.

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If you enjoy a challenge then this game is for you!

H1Z1: King of the Kill:

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