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Let It Die Review

Title: Let It Die
Developer(s): Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher(s): GungHo Online Entertainment Inc.

Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Release Date: 3 December 2016
Price: Free

Game modes: Single Player offline/online
Activities/Collectables: Tower climbing, base building/invading & blueprint collecting
Extra notes: Prepare to give up hours of your life mastering drop kicks

Review Information
Time played: 12 hours
Extra notes: Played using a DualShock 4 controller

Who is it for?:
Fans of the Souls/Borne series and anyone who loves good old tower run games

Who isn’t it for?:
People who are afraid of dying… a lot

Tonnes, from speedrunning the tower levels and finding hidden areas to side quest completion and base building/invading online rankings

By Glen Ferguson – Right, where to start with this lovely, lovely game. How about the fact it’s free to play! Yes, in a world of free to play mobile and console games, we usually associate that word “free” with horrid microtransactions and pay to win online garbage where the biggest wallet wins. This is far from the case with Let It Die, one of the most enjoyable games of last year with zero cost.

Let It Die feels like a mash-up of some of my favourite games, so in all honesty from here on out it’s going to be super biased, kind of like if you had a pair of glasses that made the world look like giant Haribo… I’m a sucker for Haribo.

The game is based in South-West Tokyo, set after a catastrophic tectonic disturbance around the world causing mass destruction and tearing a part of the island away from the rest and surrounding it in fog, whilst a spire crashing through the newly secluded island forms the Tower of Barbs. In other words, your nice little 30+ floor maze of blood, gore and drop kicks to go play in.

The main objective is to get to the top of the tower because you know there’s treasure up there, and we all like treasure, we are all magpies for treasure, I don’t care what it is, I want it… give me it, give me it all right now…

In Let It Die you start with your rank 1 character running through the tutorial as Uncle Death guides you through the controls, only for you to meet your fate by a sniper rifle of the long ass variety, blasting your face all over the ground. Thanks for that I just got off the God damn train! Fast forward to being dropped off into your main game hub, the metro station base, and what an awesome little base it is. This is where you will shop and build your gear for tower runs, level up your fighter and also access the tower of barbs or online metro battles.

First off let’s talk about the first run experience of the Tower of Barbs, you go in naked, with little knowledge of what to expect. I bloody love it, no weapons, no clue, time to go all out punch the living hell out of some vicious 28 days wannabe nut jobs and steal their irons… “come at me bro I will steam your face off”. This is where the game starts becoming so much fun, your gear degrades and breaks after uses, as does your armour. To begin with, you’re taking as much as you can off of fallen enemies, trying to claw your way up another level of the tower, “can I make it just 1 more? I know I can do it” or until I can find a lift… the magical yet costly way of getting back to your hub… because if you die then all progress is lost.

On your trips up and down the Tower of Barbs, you will come across blueprints. When you get the blueprints back to the store in your base you will be greeted with the option to now build and upgrade gear. This is where your death bag management will come into play. Do you keep blueprints (in my opinion if you don’t have it yet take it back as you never know what you’re going to get) or do you take more R&D materials to upgrade your existing gear blueprints, with limited slots dependant on fighter class you have chosen, this really does factor into your progress up the tower.

This is truly where the game for me became fantastic, started with nothing now on my 8th tower run and I have a machete, hammer, an arm crossbow, what looks like a surgery outfit for armour and other glorious mental weaponry that I will bash the heads of my enemies with as I climb back up from whatever floor I got off at. Climb, kill, climb, kill, eat some mushrooms and get back to the smashing, all while your helpful narrator and guide through the game Uncle Death the skateboarding body bag dropping Mexican is talking you through step by step, egging you on to get that little bit higher.

Not only is there that fantastic single player tower of gore and dropkicks but here comes another treat in the form of online base attacks! That’s right, ever felt like getting on a train in the morning, jumping off, bashing some bloke’s heads in, kidnapping one and throwing them in your toilet, for a good old brain wash? Then ta da hello Let It Die multiplayer!

All of this in a free game is amazing and perfect for casual players. There is more than enough to sink your teeth into and get a good bag full of hours out of so go give it a try and see all the stuff I left out (far too much. I could have rambled on for another 5 pages).

Just to add; As it is a free game, they do offer a few in-game purchases along with some developer support packs which are not any items you cannot earn from playing the game and collecting them yourselves (sneaky devs).

This is one game that I will be revisiting throughout 2017
Bravo guys


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How this is free is beyond me!

• Azure Dreams meets Lucifer's Call in a mashup of gore and humour • One for fans of the Souls/Borne series •

Let It Die:

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