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5 Defining and Unique Versus Multiplayer Games

By Ashe Youngs – There are a lot of online competitive games that are great fun that I have sunk many a weekday hour into…ok hundreds. This list is a group of games that I feel really broke the boundaries and laid inspiration for other great games in similar styles to follow. As these beauties are all epic, it was hard to put them in order, so in all honesty, I’ve put them in fashion for my absolute love for them.

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VR: Teaching Old Genres New Tricks

By Shaun Quaintance – VR, in my opinion, is the best thing to happen to the games industry in quite some time. It takes games to a whole new level of immersion allowing me to forget even more about just how much of a failure I am in reality and, one of the focuses of this discussion, it opens up the possibility for so many new mechanics and design choices in genres that were once king of the industry until the FPS took over. I genuinely believe that VR is a catalyst that will shape the entire future of the games industry… however, before you take my enthusiasm as gospel please bare in mind that I also thought the Kinect would be fun.*

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