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Cosplay Friday #2: The Misa On Wheels Interview

By Ashe Youngs – Misa is an American cosplayer who’s gained a lot of respect and adoration for her cosplays and messages to the community. As the name suggests she is physically disabled but advocates positive thinking for people with physical and invisible disabilities and health conditions. I like to think she is the Unikitty of the cosplay world. Here are her thoughts on the community, love of all things geeky and cats!

Ashe-When did you start cosplaying?

Misa-I started cosplaying about eight years ago at Another Anime Convention (AAC) in New Hampshire.

Ashe-You have a wonderful following globally of people who admire your messages of positivity and speaking out against bullying in the community. Did you ever expect to become a role model?

Misa-Not at all, but I sure am honoured by this. I feel so grateful to have the ability to reach so many and hopefully change the way people feel about cosplay and themselves.

Ashe-Is there anything about conventions from your experience that you feel need to be put in place? I find in the U.K there is a consistent lack of areas to sit down, and as a cosplayer the stages are not ramped and the line-up can be exhausting.

Misa-That sounds very difficult, I honestly feel that careful planning and listening to feedback of con-go’ers can be used to better organization. Most conventions really don’t consider the needs of their attendees with disabilities, from not being considerate of accessibility to simply not listening to suggestions. I hope this changes soon.

Ashe-What kind of characters do you like to cosplay?

Misa-I tend to gravitate towards characters that I see aspects of myself in or characters I can relate to in some way. From Final Fantasy’s Yuna to Game of Thrones’ Daenerys, I can definitely see a part of my own personality in these awesome ladies.

Misa as Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Ashe-What has been your best experience at a con?

Misa-Whenever someone comes up to me and tells me that I have impacted them in a positive way, this is always my favorite experience. Whether that is in cosplay or in life in general, it’s extremely humbling and amazing.

Ashe-What would be your dream con?

Misa-That is a good question. Otakon looks pretty awesome.

Ashe-What would you want people from outside the community to know about cosplayers?

Misa-Cosplay like any other hobby is something done for enjoyment. Just like any sport, craft, or activity, it brings us great joy. Cosplayers have jobs, dreams and lives outside of the hobby, but our love and passion for creativity and the characters we adore bring us together as a community.

Ashe-You have said that as cosplay is becoming more popular it is also becoming corrupt. What do you think are the core values of cosplay?

Misa-Above all else, fun should be the focus. If you are not enjoying what you do, I can’t imagine the motivation behind continuing to participate. The other most important core value is definitely community. This means welcoming others to the hobby with open arms and an open mind, helping one another, and celebrating the wonderful geeky things we love.

Misa cosplaying as Misa from Deathnote

Ashe-Would you like to come to a U.K con in the future?

Misa-I sure would! I’m always up for travelling and meeting awesome new people!

Ashe-Lastly, what are 5 things that make you happy?

People doing what they love.
Cosplay (of course!)
Video games

All those last things I can agree on! The great thing about this lady is that she has an incredible following of over 46 thousand people globally, yet she’s remained humble and kind to everyone. She inspires and helps a lot of people to make the cosplays they want to, and push aside pressures and negativity from elitism. I for one would love it she gets over to the U.K for some cons, come on Showmasters and MCM. Keep cosplaying feminine heroines mermaid!

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