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Overwatch Oasis Map Review

Title: Overwatch – Oasis Map
Developer(s): Blizzard

Platform(s): PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: May 24th, 2016
Price: Free Update

Game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Activities/Collectables: Arcade Mode, Competitive, Character Customisation items
Extra notes: Requires Internet Connection

Review Information
Time played: 3 Hours (2 hours to complete game)
Extra notes: Played specifically Oasis only gamemode and primarily used character: Sombra

Who is it for?:
Fans of Overwatch

Who isn’t it for?:
Those who know Overwatch isn’t for them

Plenty, this is a mere update to the base game that adds a new map for players to explore and dominate their foes

By Dan Houghton – This, being my first article for Dorknado I wanted to write something for a game I really enjoy playing, and since Overwatch was released back in May I thought I’d review the latest addition to the base core of the game. I’ll start with an interesting fact about the latest map being Oasis, is that it is the first control map not to feature to MV-261 Orca (atmospheric craft) as the spawn room for both teams, interesting stuff huh?

The game’s latest map drops players into the middle of the Arabian desert and like the other Control maps, Oasis is divided into three mini maps if you will just like Lijang Tower and Nepal, named City Center, Gardens and University. Each features their own routes and an interesting control point for teams to battle over. During my time playing for this review I played a total of 3 competitive games and at least 10 either arcade or quickplay games.

I much preferred the games on competitive play as it seemed I was able to play and understand the maps much better as I was running D.Va and was able to fly around where necessary and take in the sights. All three variations feature the same beige colour for most of the walls and flooring but the splashes of green and blue in places stand out and make the map quite honestly pretty in comparison to some of the others. Also, it’s not just the playable areas the landscapes viewable from the map are simply breathtaking. One variation features a huge still under construction skyscraper, I haven’t gone into a private session to explore these maps as I wanted to go off my thoughts purely from my game time but honestly a private session wasn’t required everything’s noticeable during the action and the views have actually had me killed on more than one occasion.

Blizzard have made a map that on first viewing might look relatively boring but infact brings perhaps a more desolate part of the current timescale to life entirely. Oasis being the second free map available to players since Eichenwalde which left some players wanting more has impressed the majority of players I’ve met in-game to as well as myself. My first game on this map as I hadn’t played the PTR prior to its official release was on City Center with the moving cars going along one side of the map creating a kill zone for all heroes, not just the squishy ones. The aforementioned kill zone makes for a great flanking route for some characters, Sombra being one of them as well as Pharah and D.Va getting in behind the enemy team quickly and quietly putting down damage on their opponents.

On the other side of the map there features a jump pad, which when stepped on propels you high into the air allowing to get to above the enemy team behind using your ultimate, please note results may vary and you may die to Symmetra turrets inside the jump pad or a constantly bouncing Bastion. That being said getting up to the top as a McCree or Soldier: 76 could allow you throw down some high damage and stagger the enemies push on the control point using Deadeye and Tactical Visor respectively.

The other two variations unfortunately don’t feature jump pads or moving vehicles but still continue the theme of a futuristic modern city boasting a fancy university for scientists and the like to adore as well as lovely green gardens boasting a plethora of plant life. Gardens features a back ledge that up until a few days ago when Blizzard updated it allowed players to capture and contest the control point making it the first control point set over 2 levels. This has been patched which no makes it a simple control point. Simply for the reason I guess that certain character could sit up there and contest while their team made it back to the point to save the game. This ledge like the one on City Center can be exploited by another DPS character Reaper, dropping down using his Death Blossom so devastate the controlling enemy team as the point is much more compact than those of City Center and University.

Finally we come to University where the control is low to ground allowing for attackers to approach from various elevated positions. Similarly to Well on the Ilios map group is has a hole in the ground but instead of falling to your death you drop onto a health back allowing players to escape big damage and still remain in the fight. University is well designed for assassin type heroes such as again Reaper and this time Sombra too, turning up behind the enemy teams distracting them from their main focus, controlling the point.

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Perfect example of a DLC map

•Completely original and few similarities to previous maps •Lovely inclusion of the jump pad previously used in Lúcioball

Overwatch Oasis Map:

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