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Gang Beasts Review

Title: Gang Beasts
Developer(s): Boneloaf Games
Publisher(s): Double Fine Productions

Platform(s): PC – Available on Steam
Release Date: 29 August 2014. Scheduled for PS4 release March 2017
Price: £14.99

Game modes: Multiplayer, online multiplayer, local multiplayer, shared/split screen
Extra notes: Full controller support

Review Information
Time played: 5 hours
Extra notes: Played using a keyboard

By Ryan Holmes – I’ll tell you guys now that I have never played this type of game before and admittedly, I really do suck at it but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy playing it because I really did!

For this game, I used a keyboard which isn’t too bad but I would personally recommend that you use a controller as it would be a hell of a lot easier. Now, your character can; kick, punch, grab, lift, throw and taunt, you know the basics of any fighting game. Though rather than button mashing and hope to hell that you win, you have to use a combination of kicking and punching to first knock your rival out then quickly grab him by using your punch key and then using shift (holding them) to then find a way of getting them out of the arena.

The game is a Battle Royale (last man standing). The levels change at the end of every round and cycle through but the beauty lies in the level interaction as seen in the picture above. For example, there is a train in one of the levels where you can throw your foes onto the track, make sure they stay down, wait for a train and BOOM! There is a small chance it will bounce them back on to the platform as I found out, but just go for it! Also, if you fall onto the tracks, you have a combination button push to get back up. You’re probably starting to see why I think a controller would be a better option for this game.

There is a single player if you call it that, it’s called Grind which is basically wave after wave of NPC characters coming at you with no difficulty level setting, it’s just instantly on ass kicking mode which is simply nuts!

Now moving over to your character where there is a great customisation, you can literally dress your character up in the most ridiculous attire along with facial hair and capes in an array of colours. For those of you who are into the whole poo emoji, there is even a suit for you!

If you get the hang of the controls you can really show off by back flipping and diving over stuff right up to the point when you realise that you can do this to your friend, foe or whoever you’re playing against and to add a more comical value to this your character makes very odd noises that strangely sound like Minions, so that combined with what you are seeing here, can be funny as. I have even seen people dabbing around the map. I have no clue how to do it so I’ll leave that up to you guy’s to find out!!

One thing I will point out is that the lobby system is a little confusing when it comes to playing multiplayer as you need to find a server that is in your country or somewhere close to you, otherwise when you actually get into a game you’ll find everyone jolting around and no, it’s not a graphical glitch it is due to ping (I am NOT using that as an excuse!!! I’ve already admitted I suck at this game!) but once you’re in a stable game then it’s a riot!

Ryan’s Tips and Tricks

1. Mash potato – Button mashing will not help you! So don’t do it!

2. Flying without wings – If you find yourself playing the window cleaner map, move very quickly over to the other platform because everyone jumping up and down will make that bad boy break!

3. Watch out for that!! – Use the maps environment to your advantage, like the train track! Just make sure your foe is knocked out first otherwise he will hang on to you and it’s game over for you both.

So to round up this review, it is the most ridiculous game I have ever played for all the right reasons! Don’t take the game too seriously because let’s face it, it’s just too much fun!

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The most ridiculous game I've ever played for all the right reasons!

Gang Beasts:

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