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News – Kori Odan Goes Mobile

By Glen Ferguson – So remember when I reviewed that game from the first ever game studio from south Africa “Legacy of the Kori Odan” which can be read here for your reference. I said well I can’t wait to see what these guys do next.

Well, a little birdy dropped some of these images of into my email for me and told me about the upcoming Mobile game for the Kori Odan series which follows on from the events of the original game which is available on Steam at the moment.

In a world where I am always on the go and playing bits on my phone this has got me thinking, will it be a game worth playing or another microtransaction money grabber? Can it keep the originals gameplay style and feel? I hope they can as I think they are doing a damn good job so far.

They are looking to release this on Ios and Android devices so any news on upcoming dates of release or beta will be posted here.

What’re your thoughts? Is this the right move for the company to go into mobile games? Do you think they should have gone for another release maybe on console? Leave a comment below and thanks for reading.

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